The sites illustrated on this page have been developed by Softec using the XWiki Platform and the Softec XWiki Business extensions. 

These are only public web sites since we cannot advertise the intranets and web applications that we have develop privately.


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CNAM Languedoc-Roussillon & CNAM Poitou-Charentes

Le CNAM Languedoc-Roussillon,, et le CNAM Poitou-Charentes,, are Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution, classed as grands établissements and dedicaed to lifelong education and training.

Supervised by the French Minister for Higher Education, they fulfill three essential goals :

  • Training and Education for adults
  • Research and Innovation
  • Culture and Knowledge 

Their respective websites displays their local training offers based on information provided by their internal management systems. The offer is actuated automatically, and their web masters are provided with easy tools to write editorial pages in relation with the offer. A demonstration of the simple methods used to develop this project has been presented at the Yajug Luxembourg: Yajug - XWiki.


Observatoire BBC

The Observatoire BBC project,, is both a public dissemination Web site to share experiences on Low Energy Building (Bâtiment Basse Consommation or BBC in french) and a private application to build statistical figures and store analytical information on current LEB realisations. Publicly disseminated data are directly extracted and reorganized from private internal data. Data are imported and reworked in a collaborative manner by all members of the Observatoire BBC. The production of graphical statistics and pedagogic PDF documents are directly integrated in this online product hosted by SOFTEC as an SaaS application.

This project has been requested by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development (MEEDDM), the French Environment and Energy Management Agency and the EFFINERGIE association, and wants to be a national reference of LEB projects in France. It have been developed by SOFTEC and eGuilde, its subsidiary in France.


For this application, the following modules of Softec XWiki Business extension are in use:

  • XWB Reporting
  • XWB Google Contact User Activation
  • XWB Registration Manager
  • XWB Google Calendar
  • XWB Core


The Effinergie Association,, aims to create a supportive dynamic within the construction market that facilitates the building of comfortable, energy efficient buildings. Its public Web site is a large repository of information regarding Low Energy Building in France, constituted by many web pages and PDF documents and freely accessible online. This particular Web site emphasis the ability of SOFTEC to integrate Google solutions with XWiki to provide a full featured multi-calendar application that is entirely managed from XWiki and fully integrated with Google Calendars for easy sharing.


For this web site, the following modules of Softec XWiki Business extension are in use:

  • XWB Chronological Documents
  • XWB Google Contact User Activation
  • XWB Registration Manager
  • XWB Google Calendar
  • XWB Core


The E.L.S.A service,, aims to provide to people with disabilities an opportunity to go on holiday in a place accessible and appropriate to their disability, by extending the concept of home exchanges to disabled people. Initiated by the GIHP Acquitaine in France without any commercial ambition, this Web site is built as a commercial platform to record offers of home exchanges and allows subscribers to exchange their private contact information. Due to the detailed information required to evaluate the accessibility of a house, a large set of information has to be recorded with each offers. SOFTEC and eGuilde, its subsidiary in France, in collaboration with the GIHP Acquitaine, has made an large effort to optimize the forms that subscriber needs to fill and avoid the registration of an offer to be boring. To sustains that effort, SOFTEC has built a core extension to XWiki Class definition that allows storing complex information about each fields to build clever forms, that may depends on the current context, and ensure fully automatic validation. This extension has been further improved during later projects allowing very easy and complete forms construction independently of the application code.


For this web site, the following modules of Softec XWiki Business extension are in use:

  • XWB Core (contains Class Definition Extension)
  • XWB Registration Manager
  • XWB Paypal Payment


The Tennis Club Municipal du Tampon,, is the largest tennis club of the french island "La Réunion" and the Indian ocean. With more than 1380 members in a total of 3500 french clubs, TCMT is one of the twenty biggest tennis clubs of France.
SOFTEC in collaboration with is subsidiary eGuilde and a local freelance has developed their Web site based on the XWiki platforms to allows easy sharing of pictures and collaborative updates of the club life. SOFTEC has also fully integrated the reservation service 'Balle Jaune' into the site, allowing club members to reserve their tennis court directly from the club site without any registration to 'Balle Jaune'.


For this web site, the following modules of Softec XWiki Business extension are in use:

  • XWB Registration Manager
  • XWB BalleJaune Integration
  • XWB Core