Open Source

Welcome to SOFTEC Open-Source Projects

During year 2004, SOFTEC starts providing to the Open-Source Community some high-quality project running under the Common Language Runtime and aiming to simplify the integration of Subversion in CSharp.
These were the CLR Projects, and have not been maintained recently. These are still available and could still be very helpful. There is currently no plan to update these projects, but we may change our mind if the community shows interest.

Since then, SOFTEC has been involved in Java based projects. We are actively participating to the XWiki project, a great wiki development framework, which is completely written in Java. Based on our increasing Java skills, we have now decide to publish some of our Java based project under Open-Source license to the benefit of the Community, from which we now receive great support for our internal project.

Java Projects

CLR Projects

  • SubversionSharp - Integrate Subversion Client API in your CSharp developments
  • AprSharp - Complement project to SubversionSharp to access Apache Portable Runtime.